Winter Greetings

Card146Winter Greetings from all the gang here at Frog’s Whiskers Ink. Christmas has settled down, New Years has passed and now we snuggle in for a nice relaxing winter and enjoy the great outdoors ……… wait a minute…. it’s FREEZING outside.

The best way to see the great outdoors in weather like this, is from the inside of your house looking out the window.  Even better if that window is in your craftroom.

Here’s hoping you are prepared for the rest of the winter months by having enough stock for all your projects …… if not were not far away by phone, email, stopping in or shopping online

Cheers for 2018   ……..


Need a Date???

17120101_FWe have 365 of them just for you and in time to make the perfect Card that doubles as a gift for Christmas and all year long.

Create a Card, add in a “Calendar Pad” and you have just created your own wonderful desk Calendar, Office Calendar, by the phone Calendar or more.  Make one for you, for each of your Kids and more for your friends….. sized to Post.

On SALE now @ 25% OFF 

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New Images for Christmas


Rose-Marie is pleased to let you know that her drawing pen wouldn’t stop…. no sooner had she finished a bunch of Fall Stamps (Click Here) when she was at it again.

So get ready for new stamps that are sized to work with existing ones. Just a few more new images for Christmas.
New Images Click Here

Cardmaking…. for the FUN!!
We do the Drawing, So You can Play !!

Fall Fairs Card Contest

WinnerCongratulations go to Christine of Belleville, ON with her wonderful flower entry at the Fair, for our Fall Fair Card contest




Christine used a variety of die cuts along with the Oak Branch stamp H685 and the Sunflower Stamps from Stamp Set M10022 (Set of 4 flower heads)

There is a reason why we like to have you send us your Cards because a scanned picture does not do this Card justice. The 3D effects is hard to capture but it makes the flowers seem real. In fact you can practicality smell the wonderful aroma of the flowers and greenery. This Card deserves a First Place Red Ribbon.

Send us your card creation for our monthly card contests. The winner gets a $20.00 store/show/online credit. Not every fancy card wins, not every dazzling card wins…. the Card that wins is the one that feels right for the occasion. Please note that your Card…. must incorporate one or more of Frog’s Whiskers Ink or Rosewood stamps or products in the design of the card.

In our next Card Challenge…..  for Oct …. Lets take a look at Halloween, a spooky event for all big and little Trick or Treaters.  It doesn’t matter if it is a “Boo!” or a “It’s the Great Pumpkin” one, it must express the essence of the Card Contest theme

Looking Forward to seeing Your Cards

Fall is coming

Card142I never thought I would say this but….
                         Where is Fall?
Where are the red, yellow and orange colours we look forward to, that only happen at this time of year. I have my pumpkin, I have plenty of spiders (complete with spider webs) …. but we are missing the scenic view out the window. The only colours we have are the ones in the new Cards by Rose-Marie. She taught these two cards at Crop-a-While in Ottawa this past week and the gang loved them. Card143







Find these and other Card Samples on the website or better yet…. come to Class


Reminder – Classes @ Crop a While

7091503_FCardThe car will soon be packed with stamps, supplies, class kits and more so we can be  ready to go when classes start at Crop a While in Ottawa .  Don’t miss out on this chance to have a spot at the table for one of Rose-Marie Classes…. Friday, September 29 / Saturday, September 30 – when we say ‘Hello Fall’  with several Fall to Christmas Card classes. For details and class descriptions (Click Here)

To join in call Tom or Carole 613-424-6831 or email