It’s beginning to look like…….

Winter & Snow…..  doesn’t look all bad…. think of it as building materials, or ammunition. Relax for a cool crispy day when the snow goes “crunch” under you feet, or when a light powder of snow appears on the tree branches. Okay so maybe your car gets stuck… but that’s not the point………… alright lets face it…. all that winter wonderland white fluffy stuff…..  looks better on a Card.  Card163.jpg

For snowflakes, & snowmen, winter landscapes and more …. we have a wide variety of winter images for your Cards.

Old or new…. it would be difficult to  pick a favourite image from the line up or in
Rose-Marie’s 30 NEW IMAGES 




Would it be…

M1186 “Three Pines” with trees to the sky,
H1185 “Little Country Church” nestled along a quiet country road,
H1190 “Snow Friends” somebody had one too many flakes….. or
L1200 “Christmas in the City” sit and enjoy a day in the Park….

Lets put winter where it looks the best…. on Cards made by You!!!
Frog’s Whiskers Ink

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