“Cat” Days of Summer

18082601-FThe “Dog” Days of Summer, occur at the end of July when the “dog star” Sirius rises and falls with the sun. And it’s usually really hot outside. But more importantly the “Cat” Days of Summer. … It’s the period of summer when cats are at their laziest. This month — which results in lots of catnaps….and, yes, you’re right, that could be anytime of the year……

For years our black cat Midnight was a solo act…. then along came Dusk & Dawn and a glaring of other barn cats to the back porch. It seems Rose-Marie (who is allergic to cats) has a little soft spot and has been feeding them. 

Research she said….. and thus came the stamp set P968 Nine Lives of Midnight”  This is a set of nine different silhouettes of Midnight that will fit in and around any Card.  Consider this stamp set on your next visit…..

For these and other great stamps go to Frog’s Whiskers Ink in Campbellford and online (Click Here)

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