Every Love Story

Young or old … Every love story has a tale to tell.
Some are blissful or wild, some are amazing and others…..  are adventurous.  This Card project will work for any story…..LoveStory02

D1168 Every Love Story

D1174 To Let you Know
E728    Wild Poppies
H1087 Tiny Snowflakes
K1171 The Avenue

Light Blue Permanent ink and Black Memento ink, Alcohol ink markers, Brown, Red, Light, Medium and Dark Green, Glossy Accents, Pop Dots, double sided tape and card stock in white, red, black, Light green Chalk

Please use the picture of the card for placement reference.
Remember to Dry stamped images before colouring.
Please note: Ink with black Memento Ink except H1087 Tiny Snowflakes

18013102-FScore and fold in half a 5.5”x 8.5” piece of red cardstock. Cut and attach a piece of 4”x 5.25” black cardstock.  Ink and stamp D1166 Keeping Dry. Mask image. Ink and stamp K1171 The Avenue, slightly above the first image. Ink and stamp E728 Wild Poppies, into the bottom left corner. Use stamp  H1087 Tiny Snowflakes, ink with blue ink and randomly stamp onto the top half of the card.  Ink and stamp D1168 Every Love Story, onto a separate piece of white cardstock, trim and layer with red cardstock. Colour images, dry, chalk the pathway and attach card to black cardstock. Add the saying onto the card with popdots.  Add Glossy Accents on to the red umbrella.

Note: Please remember to use a very sticky double sided tape such as Sookwang under any layer you are going to add a layer of wet such a Stickles, or Glossy Accents. This tape stops the paper from buckling as the wet layer dries.

Go Celebrate your Love Story !!




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