I bought it …. “Now What?”

Frog’s Whiskers stamps travel the World and the problems in one country, are the same as another…..
Amanda from Australia emailed the other day…. She had purchased the Barnyard Rooster stamp K17002 …. now what?
“I love your stamps.” she writes but, ” I’m a bit disappointed in the barn with the rooster. After stamping and colouring it, I’m not sure what to do with the big gap on the bottom half of the right side. Perhaps you have some ideas?”

So I played with several ideas… 
This is where your vivid imagination gets to roam wild & free. Its is a “Hi How are you” card…. a “Happy Birthday” card or an “Oooops I forgot
The Barnyard scene is peaceful, gentle and so much can be done from there. So lets keep it low key on the outside and put a dazzling sentiment on the inside. All the sayings in the example, will fit on a regular card to make it personal.
So if you run into a problem in the Barnyard or anywhere else…. pause… take a moment “3, 2, 1…” and then it will all come together.

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