Wonderful world of Cards

Card122Rose-Marie has been having a lot of fun lately. She has been planning and making Cards for the display boards in the store, creating Cards for Classes, arranging colours in different ways to make the same Card look new. Of course the Classroom looks like a “bomb” hit it… …. or as she likes to say …. everything is artistically arranged.

The Beach is looking good, some of the shorelines are higher than most years but this is all in keeping with how Mother Nature changes the landscape to keep the wonder alive.

“Weekend Rest” is the most appropriate Card for any one wanting to skip the beach and go deeper into the woods. Not too deep to get the car stuck but deep enough to hear the Loons, see the Geese or watch an occasional Moose walk past.

Rose-Marie did a find job of this card showing the campsite in a tucked away spot with a open lake to enjoy a canoe ride. This is where memories are made and this Card helps keep them alive. Perfect card for family or a friend. Card121

Around the point from your campsite is a little cove. As you canoe closer, tucked away along the shoreline you pass a family of Loons or maybe they squawk, sputter and then fly off because you disturbed them…. in any effect, this last card tries to show the tranquility of what is around the corner.

See these and other Cards in [Samples] or better yet, come to a [Class]

For Cards made by You….. Frog’s Whiskers Ink


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