Congratulations Mary of Norwood

Happy New Year.Each month we send out the Frog’s Whiskers Ink Newsletter with a roundup of the months activities and “What’s Next” happenings here in the store….and each month we give out a $10.00 instore/onlne credit for the first person who spots the goof within the Newsletter.
The rules are simple… you have to be the first person to contact us with the goof before anyone else does. We have to confirm that what you have spotted is indeed a goof and we go from there. I’m a terrible speller and my fingers glide over the keyboard with the grace of a dancing Mastodon in a Tulip garden…. (try to get that image out of your head)
However…. Congratulations go to Mary of Norwood who spotted the mistake in the Christmas Newsletter that even I had a hard time finding. Even after she pointed it out, I still had to enlarge the screen to confirm that yes indeed… I had added an extra period in a spot where it didn’t belong.
The “goof” award is purely for fun and a good way for me to say…”Hey!! I made that stupid mistake on purpose, for the goof award” Keep watching the Newsletters and Frog’s Whiskers Ink

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