Announcing the “Easter Card Winner”

150423.1 FWISomeone pointed out to me the error of my ways….. Cathy pointed it out, then Donna mentioned it, Betty asked what happened, Teresa was curious, and lets just say my wife –
Rose-Marie rolled her eyes in the air and suggested that  I “fix” it.

In my defense I obviously did not intake sufficient chocolate to realize the Easter Bunny had made it’s way through town or I could say I was so dazzled with the prospect of the upcoming festivities for Father’s Day (I was curious as to why there were only a few entries) that I selected that card winner a little early. Never fear…. if they can do a Star Wars V movie, then we can do a Furthers Day II Card Contest.

That being said….. the winner of the Easter Card Contest, handed in on time, selected late but in earnest (apparently that is the Kerr Scottish motto “Late but in Earnest)  goes to Teresa of Campbellford, Ontario. Her Card was picked from several entries, uses the Calla Lillies (stamp G 190) powerfully set on it’s own among the Ferns (stamp G19009 Large Fern)  layers in and topped off with the word saying “May the Love” (stamp 13002)

Put together pleasantly, balanced well and showing the less is best…. congratulations Teresa on this excellent card, you have a $ 20.00 credit to your account for instore, online or the next show.

The next card contest is “Mother’s Day Card Contest” (Details Click Here) and then we are happy to announce “Father’s Day II Card Contest” (Details Click Here” late but in earnest !!


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