Love is ….

Project P3Love is…. Looking in the Same direction… filled with Hearts and the ever watchful Cupid. This Card is easy to make but “fabulous” in looks. For the one in you life, going in the same direction.

G875 Love is Not
D871 Cupid
H872 Ribbon Heart
C875 Playful Hearts
Paper:- dark red, plum, black and white. All images are stamped in black ink on the white paper and coloured.

The card is dark red cardstock 7” x 12” folded to make a 7” x 6” card.
P3 imgCut the plum cardstock 6.75” x 5.75” and glue or tape onto the card. Stamp the Ribbon Heart onto the white cardstock, colour, trim and layer directly onto the right hand side of the card. Stamp and colour Cupid, layer onto plum and attach on top of the Ribbon Heart. Trim a piece of black cardstock to fit into the remaining space leaving a plum border showing. Trim the white cardstock to fit on top, stamp the Playful Hearts in a random pattern, colour.
Attach a burgundy ribbon around the middle of the white cardstock and tack in place before you glue the heart stamped cardstock onto the black cardstock. Stamp Love Is not Lost onto white cardstock, trim and layer onto plum. Centre and glue in place as shown to the sample.

Look for this and other Project Cards at Frog’s Whiskers Ink

Come for a Visit and Play for a Lifetime !!!


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