FWI full of wonderful “stuff”

140201Clearance Bin has just been restocked and it full of wonderful “stuff”. We went around the store the other day and this; this & that got cleared out.
In the Clearance Stamps  we have a few individual stamps but in most cases, we collected several stamps, bundled them together as an extra package deal.
In the Bargain Bin you will find several Stamp Barn woodblock cube stamp sets. Each cube comes with 4 stamps, each on a different face of the cube. These are priced to be a really great bargain and there are several to choose from.
And finally in the Clearance section we have Name Stamps. These are name stamps from several different companies that we no longer carry. All are priced to clear. Look for your name by going page to page or type your name in the search box to see if we have one on sale.
In most cases we only have one or two of any Clearance Stamp and they are all in the woodblock format
(We can convert them to Cling mount. Regular charges may apply
So if you are looking for the extra Bargain or looking for something wonderful….. you have found it here.


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