Beautiful morning


Stamp H 20019 Love Potion

Stamp H 20019
Love Potion


Did you ever wish you could go “poof”, even an “Abra-ca-dabra” and the job you were working on was done. I have been doing a job just like that this last while and you can see whats been done as there are now 4 NEW pages of images online for you to see and buy. Word sayings, Christmas, People, Cartoon and so many more…. makes you just want to sit and play. 

Watch for more stamps over this coming week and another Card Contest for October. If you have not already done so get your entries in for the Chantel Card Contest. (details on the website)

Please note that we need to actually receive the submitted Card entries. . It needs to incorporate at least one Frog’s Whiskers Ink stamp, it needs to be new and original. We have had a few electronic entries emailed to us but although they are great cards, this contest and others we do, has a basic rule. We need to have it in our hands to judge.




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