“Father’s Day Card Contest”

Stamp M 14008 "His Image" (Set of 4 stamps)

Stamp M 14008 “
“His Image”
(Set of 4 stamps)

To celebrate what great Dad’s we have, we will be holding a
“Father’s Day Card Contest”
We are offering First, Second and Third place prizes
of Frog’s Whiskers Ink Stamps and Supplies

The rules are as follows…. 

1.    The card must incorporate one or more of Frog’s Whiskers Ink… Rosewood/Stamp Barn/Sunshine Designs/Heather’s/House on the Hill stamps in the design of the card.

2.    It doesn’t matter if it is a Father’s Day, birthday card, anniversary card or Just Saying Hello card.  It must express the essence of Fathers Day, Dad’s or even the “Old Guy”.

3.    All cards are to be submitted by Thursday, June 27th 2013. Artwork can be mailed, delivered by hand or on horseback. It doesn’t matter as long as it is in our hands by closing time, 5:30 PM

4.    All artwork becomes the property of Frog’s Whiskers Ink and will be displayed on the website and in the store to promote the contest.

5.    Remember to sign, date, and attach your address and phone number to your submission, so we can contact you when you win.

6.    Have Fun designing your card. One entry per participant, per Contest.

7.    Watch the website for the winners of the contest and as many of the submissions as is practical.


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