Les Chapeaux de Chantal

N 27014 Les Chapeaux de Chantal

N 27014
Les Chapeaux de Chantal

New and just out Rose-Marie is pleased to present Chantal, a lady with many hats. This new kit comes with all the extras you need to make Chantel look fabulous.

Enjoy embellishing her hats with feathers, buttons, glitter and ribbon. Included with the template pieces is a colour guide to help identify which pieces are for each hat. There is also a Mylar stencil for placing her features and a stamp for the outline of Chantal’s hair. The hair can be coloured with pencil crayons, markers, etc.

Available now….  online, email or stop into the store to see this wonderful lady and all her hats.


2 thoughts on “Les Chapeaux de Chantal

  1. i bought this syamp of the hat lady in Kitchener and wondered if you could send me the photos of the other styles you had at the show. I have the paris stamp and earrings so all i need now is the photos. Thanks alot and have a great day. Donna

    • Hi Donna
      Hope you had a wonderful time at Scrapfest.
      We had a ball…. or should I say “snow-sleet-ice storm”
      I’ll send you pictures of all the cards Rose-Marie has on file so you will get los of examples

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