2013 Here we go…

H872  Ribbon Heart

H872 Ribbon Heart

We made it to another year with lots of things happening around the globe. Isn’t it nice to know that with a few stamps, a little colour and a dash of inspiration, you can put a smile on someone’s face.

Rose-Marie is also feeling inspired and ready for romance with several new stamps just in time for Valentine’s Day. Stamp D871 “Cupid” flies to join new lovers and ribbon is useful to capture young hearts all in the season, Stamp H872 “Ribbon Heart”.

But there is nothing nicer when the temperature is low and the wind blows high against the outside walls, than to have the fireplace lit, be warm and cozy and think of Butterflies. Stamp “Butterflies are Self-propelled Flowers” number D876 is presented with Stamp J878 “Butterfly Group”.

They are all COMING SOON.

Check out the new designs under COMING SOON at Frog’s Whiskers Ink.


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