Great Need More Room Sale …. Thank you

Last Saturday we opened up the doors to a crowd of people
waiting at the door for our …..
“Need More Room”
We had paper (12 x 12) on at $0.25 per sheet, ink pads $5.00 and all in-store in-stock stamps were 25% OFF to name just a few things…  Oh yes…  we had grab bags of wood stamps $5.00 & $10.00 per bag. Lets just say we did a whole lot of cleaning out and you enjoyed digging through the piles that were set up on sale.. 

For the group that was invited Friday night to the VIP Night, all we can say is you guy’s and gals are a wonderful bunch. You know how to play with ink and colour in anything… in or out of the lines. 

Congratulations go to Pauline of Bowmanville, the winner of our draw that night.  We just called her a few minutes ago and she is overjoyed at winning. When she gets a chance,  she will pick up her “basket of goodies” which also includes an official Frog.s Whiskers Ink mug. 

Thank you to all who took part in our sale and to the many who purchased stamps online the next day (all stamps online, on the day after the sale, were 25% OFF).



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