Card Contest with a Twist

We have decided to issue a card contest. Here are the rules:

  1. it must be at least 5×7
  2. it must have 5 layers (this can include embellishments)
  3. it must have at least one (1) stamp from Frog’s Whiskers Ink. Easy?
  4. Here’s the twist, you must incorporate the use of a rubber band in your card. Interesting isn’t it? The rubber band can be featured as a layer or incorporated into the background.

Send us a scan or take a photo of your finished card. You may post the image on the Facebook Page or  email the image to us to enter into the contest ( If you are unable to do this you may mail it to Frog’s Whiskers Ink. Card MUST arrive by March 31, 2012) . The winning entry will receive a $25 gift certificate for anything in the store or on the website and we will feature your card on the Frog’s Whiskers Ink website and here on the blog.

Deadline for entries will be March 31, 2012


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