Back to Work

The first quarter of the year was very quiet at the store, so it gave me the opportunity to take some time off and get work done in my real life. Donna & I are both back to work now and all of us at Frog’s Whiskers Ink have been looking forward to sharing some very exciting news.

I am sure many of you will have heard of Stamp Barn and Sunshine Designs. Owners, Rodney & Sharon Stead decided they wanted a change of direction in their lives and approached Tom & Rose-Marie about purchasing their company. After much negotiating they reached a mutually agreeable arrangement. We are pleased to announce effective immediately

Frog’s Whiskers Ink is now the proud owner of

Stamp Barn

and all its design companies.

This merger will add over 900 images to our catalogue. For those of you not familiar with their designs you are in for a treat. I had my first opportunity to see the many of the stamps today and there are so many I would like to add to my collection. It may be a while before I actually take home a pay cheque. SIGH!!!! Oh well hazard of the job I guess. We encourage you to look at the Stamp Barn website and call or email for your order. It is going to take us some time to get everything switched over to our system but we do have all of the images available for you to purchase immediately.

We do have one more announcement but there are some details I need before I can do that here. I will be posting the information here soon. Welcom back


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