Technology is everywhere it seems. Our website is still a work in progress. We have been promised a complete overhaul for 2011 but life has been getting in the way of our webmistress. We are still hopeful that the new layout will happen, with over 750 Rosewood images in production the current format of the website is becoming a problem for our customers. We procrastinated on this blog for quite awhile but it has been relatively easy to run. I still have much to learn but it has been good.

Now my question, Rose-Marie has been tossing around the idea of a Facebook page for Frog’s Whiskers Ink. It seems to be the next “great” thing for a business to do. It would be a great way for people to talk to each other, share their work and chat with one of our staff. What do you think? Would this be something you would use? Would you become a follower of Frog’s Whiskers Ink on Facebook? Please take a minute and submit your vote on the poll.


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