Card Making Frenzy

Although we didn’t get the snow parts of Ontario did, I spent Sunday making cards with the girls. Although I have tried very hard to use what I have this year (and believe me I have good stuff), I couldn’t resist purchasing one stamp. He is called Prescott from a company called Whipper Snapper Designs and boy has he been loved. I do have to admit, the girls did most of the colouring on these images. We used either Copics or Bic Mark-its and added a bit of glitter glue. The blue background was run through a Sizzix folder and the snowy hills were created by ripping paper and adding more glitter glue. The sentiment is Rosewood Merry Christmas (this one is D94 an oldie but a goodie). I will get a photo of the cards we made and add it later. The girls were so much help and we got a lot of cards done. Finally a Christmas season that I shouldn’t be making cards at the last minute.


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