Women’s Weekend in Campbellford

The men are at hunt camp and have left the women home alone again. Well not all men have gone but sometimes women just need a good excuse to go shopping. Or in this case, visit and be treated to in-store specials all over town. Here is the official blurb from the organizers with the contact information.

100 gift packages full coupons are available for $5 to let you explore what downtown Campbellford has to offer in a special way. Take advantage of the first annual Women’s Weekend for coupons that allow you to see a demonstration, enter an in-store draw, redeem a free gift, sample or service, receive special pricing on items and more. Coupons can only be used this weekend.

Where: Campbellford, Ontario

Contact Name: Nancy McCarten or Caroline Glenn

Event Phone: 705-632-0732 or 705-632-0007

Campbellford is a beautiful town. The Women’s weekend is a great opportunity to get your Christmas shopping started in our great shops.


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