ScrapFest Oshawa

I have been off sick since Rose-Marie & Tom got back from ScrapFest. This is the first time I have been able to get to the pictures Tom took while they were there. Shows are curious creatures, you can never be sure what the buying public will want nor can you be certain many people will visit your booth. ScrapFest Oshawa was fabulous, not only did people come they stayed for the day. Congratulations to the team at ScrapFest for taking the leap of faith and taking the initiative to launch a new show east of the GTA.

Kathy & Ray (aka Twink) worked the show with Tom & Rose-Marie. Twink & Kathy are often comedic relief in a what can be a long day.

A quiet moment before it really got busy. People came and went all day. It is always interesting to see what people have in their basket when they get to Kathy on cash.

Rose-Marie is a gracious host. She spends a great deal of time at these events doing demos and sharing different tips and techniques.

Thanks to everyone who came to Oshawa. We have already signed up to attend ScrapFest Kitchener and expect to be in Oshawa next fall as well.

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