Catching up

I see I am still behind on posting our challenges. I did take the photos of our latest work but must have deleted them some time. I also discovered, quite by accident, that I haven’t responsed to some comments that were left here on the blog.

To Sharon who commented way back in May, the challenges are issued by members of our little group. If anyone who reads this blog would like to participate that’s great. If you have a blog just post your work there and let us know. If not send me a pic of your work and I will post it on the FWI blog.

To Maria, who posted in July. Great card! Your cards are amazing and I hope you are now fully recovered. I really need to get in touch with you to pick your brain about a couple of different things regarding blogging. ūüôā

I will try to be better about responding. I am still quite new to blogging and forget that someone might actually have a comment about something I have posted to the WWW. Thanks for reading and thank you for commenting.

For anyone who might be interested in this months challenge, it comes from Donna. She has asked us to decorated a gift bag and make a co-ordinated card or tag. It must have one stamped image. Sounds simple enough right?


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