Pot Luck Play Day

We decided to have our play day at Darlene’s home this month. She has been inviting us to her home for a few years, telling us about her stamping room since they built the house. Darlene has had some personal challenges the last few years and it was so nice of her to host our little get together. It was also an opportunity to get a photo of us diligently working away on our cards for the day. And the stamping room was everything she told us it would be. We are all so jealous of her beautiful work space overlooking the lake.

As I have said in an earlier post, I like to have a face to go with a name. So here we are, starting on the left, Barb, Jacqui, Darlene, Donna and Liz. And to be honest we didn’t get much card making that day. We did have a great potluck lunch and the kind of laughs that bring tears to everyone’s eyes. We really do have so much fun on our play days and we owe it all to Donna. So thank you Donna for making the suggestion of a play day and arranging for us all to meet once a month. Now to get Lauralee here for one our play days….


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