Happy Birthday to my DH

My hubby celebrated his birthday a few days ago. Our girls have always made cards for him, usually that day but it’s the thought that counts right? Anyway here are the cards Jess and Nikki made for him this year.

Jess made this card using a clear letter set I think was from Hero Arts. She used a direct to paper method on designer paper to create an interesting background. The die cut is from Tim Holtz and it is one I should really used more.

Nikki’s card is a study in interesting paper. I’ve had that sheet of scrapbook paper for awhile and was never sure what to do with it. She too used a direct to paper technique to create the base card. She cut the sentiment out of the paper and layered it onto an on point mat. I would never have thought of settting the mat on point but it looks great.

My girls aren’t little anymore, Nikki is 16 and Jess is 14 but the cards they create are always so very different from what I make. Sometimes I wonder, at what point do adults lose the creative abilities that all children seem to possess.


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