Back to Work

In my spare time I hook rugs in the traditional manner. Last week I was able to attend rug camp at Loyalist college under the instruction of Jeanne Fields. This wonderful lady is so knowledgeable and passionate about this craft but her time as a teacher is coming to an end. It was very important to me that I take this class to learn what I can from this delightful lady. She called me the “young one” throughout the week, something I wasn’t used to hearing. If you are interested check out Jeanne’s website here.

I am sure, at some point, that you have been involved in a setting where everyone around you shares the same passion (maybe that should read obsession!!!). It is comforting to be surrounded by like minded people. Unfortunately we lost one of our classmates suddenly due to a health issue during our week of instruction. Her friends in the class commented on how supportive everyone in the class, strangers until we met on Monday, supported them in their time of grief. We left class with hugs and some wonderful new friends.


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