Catching up

One of our play day members is a belly dancer extraordinaire. Darlene dances with a troupe that performs in the Cobourg area and each summer to celebrate the summer solstice they dance on the beach at Victoria Park. Donna & I have been trying for a couple of years to get down to see Darlene dance and finally we made it.

And since I really like to have faces to go with names here is a photo of Donna & Darlene dancing on the beach.

Darlene makes her own costumes for her performances. And although I convinced Donna to try belly dancing (she loved it), she isn’t quite ready to perform….yet!

Hmmm blogger isn’t talking to me at the moment so I will add the other picture later.

UPDATE – August 5

Yippee, blogger is talking to me again. As I said Darlene is a performing belly dancer as opposed to Donna & I who are an enthusiasts but just for our own enjoyment. Belly dancing is so much fun. I would highly recommend trying a few classes and I do mean a few classes. It takes some time to get comfortable with the jiggly bits. Isn’t her costume beautiful, Darlene is so talented.


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