Playing Around

Well apparently I was looking too high tech to solve my editing needs. In a brilliant flash of insight(yes I do have moments), I tried MS Paint and glory be just what I needed.

This beautiful Magenta stamp came to life for me after Rose-Marie had shown me what was being demoed at the workshop in Kingston they went to in May. I had a rainy Wednesday afternoon and went to work. The first is a crayon resist technique. Very easy but I am not thrilled with my background. I should have applied more than one colour but it is OK.

Next I tried colouring with Copics (on the left) and some Bic Mark-its(on the right) I had just picked up. Lessons here, copics don’t work blend on sealed paper and the Mark-its have really excellant depth of colour.

And these are a couple of the finished cards. Jess coloured the yellow flower and we chose to leave the background the original stamped black. Sentiment is from Rosewood. Turns out this stamp, that I had looked at many times on the wall, has a lot of versatility.


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