Storage Solutions

My daughter and I stopped to have tea with Donna yesterday. Cassie was given the premier tour of Donna’s craft room. I am so envious of all those lucky souls who have a space dedicated to crafting pursuits. My DH and I along with our 3 teenage daughters live in a small house. I am the definition of a kitchen table crafter. So when DH purchased a storage unit to use in the shop, I saw it as a perfect solution for my now overgrown storage.

I went from this(and this is in much better shape than mine was):

To this:

It obviously has so much more room. It is studier and the drawers slide smoothly. I can store both my Cuttlebug and Big Shot in the bottom drawer easily. I still need to organize it better but wow I am a happy girl with this purchase. (Sorry the boy thought I needed his picture too when I took this photo.)

This was a Home Depot purchase and intended for shop/garage storage but sometimes you need to think outside the box to find solutions that work for you.


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