Announcing the “Easter Card Winner”

150423.1 FWISomeone pointed out to me the error of my ways….. Cathy pointed it out, then Donna mentioned it, Betty asked what happened, Teresa was curious, and lets just say my wife –
Rose-Marie rolled her eyes in the air and suggested that  I “fix” it.

In my defense I obviously did not intake sufficient chocolate to realize the Easter Bunny had made it’s way through town or I could say I was so dazzled with the prospect of the upcoming festivities for Father’s Day (I was curious as to why there were only a few entries) that I selected that card winner a little early. Never fear…. if they can do a Star Wars V movie, then we can do a Furthers Day II Card Contest.

That being said….. the winner of the Easter Card Contest, handed in on time, selected late but in earnest (apparently that is the Kerr Scottish motto “Late but in Earnest)  goes to Teresa of Campbellford, Ontario. Her Card was picked from several entries, uses the Calla Lillies (stamp G 190) powerfully set on it’s own among the Ferns (stamp G19009 Large Fern)  layers in and topped off with the word saying “May the Love” (stamp 13002)

Put together pleasantly, balanced well and showing the less is best…. congratulations Teresa on this excellent card, you have a $ 20.00 credit to your account for instore, online or the next show.

The next card contest is “Mother’s Day Card Contest” (Details Click Here) and then we are happy to announce “Father’s Day II Card Contest” (Details Click Here” late but in earnest !!

Father’s Day Card Contest Winner

Card067Congratulations go out to Christine of Cambridge, ON with her winning entry for our Father’s Day Card Contest….a card that scanning did not really do it justice.

Christine handed us this Card at Scrapfest Kitchener with great hopes and she did well. She did her artwork on glossy card stock, which makes it shine in the light and in turn creates a morning mist over the entire cove. Alive are the spring breezes and the sounds of the loon making her way through the water. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and this card captures them all.

Congratulations once again Christine and you have won a $ 20.00 credit on account to be used instore, online or at a show.

Our next Card Contest is due May 20th …. “Mother’s Day Card”  (Click Here for Details)

Ready Set….. Go with ScrapFest Kitchener

150408 FWIGetting ready for Scrapfest Kitchener ……Rose-Marie has many New Stamps… and some New Rosewood Dies…. boxes galore from many different companies.  Lets just say we are bringing a lot of stuff.

It’s almost all  packaged, ready to load tonight and then on the road to Kitchener in the morning….. early in the morning…. before coffee.
Rose-Marie and Peter (the man with the hat), Sandy (the Olde Tyme Girl) and helping us this year is Betty (one of the Tuesday Class girls) and myself.

We will be at Booth 210 Scrapfest Kitchener
See you there


Spring Card Contest Winner(s)

Everyone is tired of winter and this can easily be seen by the number of entries we had in our Spring Card Contest. Entries from our Tuesday Class members, local stampers, from out West and from the States….. but when it came to choose….. we had to pick and we narrowed it down to two cards.
They are both uniquely different in their makeup and creation. While Sue from Feneland Falls created a card soft and warm, using watercolour colour pens…..  Cathy engineered a wonderful 3D flower pot card that allows a pull-out to let the flowers grow and display a message.

Since both Cards are so great, we decided to allow them both to win.
Congratulations Cathy of Campbellford, ON and Sue of Fenelon Falls, ON our Spring Card winner(s). You both will have a $20.00 credit added to your account for Instore/Online purchases.

Our next Card contest Easter Card….. is due April 20th .

Note: … Annual Open House this Saturday March 28 & Scrapfest Kitchener April 10 & 11th

Card Contest Reminder

150312 FWI

It’s Spring (okay so it’s actually a few days away) and this is just a reminder that Card Contest for Spring deadline is only a few days away. For details check out the “Classes/Contests” on the website  (Click Here)

New Stamps Release from Rose-Marie

150307 FWI

Rose-Marie just finished a few more designs to add to the great Rosewood Stamps Collection.

The new Waterfall G1017 , the Suspension Bridge C1018 and the Seagulls J1019 combine well with previous release stamps

To see what Rose-Marie has…
New for You (Click Here)

Frog’s Whiskers Ink
We do the Drawing so….
You can Play !!

Somebody Loves Me !!

Card061Or at least everybody who entered the Valentines Day Card Contest. Remember that you need to use at least one Frog’s Whiskers Ink stamp in your design. Winner of the contest for February is Helen of Toronto with her Card…. “I Love You”

This is a case of where less worked best. The main heart stamp L705 Lace Heart was used as the centre piece and C96 I Love You was stamped inside the heart. A layered strip to each side with punched out hearts completed the look to make a perfect Guy Card.

So Congratulations Helen you have a Online/Instore Credit of $20.00. Watch for the next Card Contest due March 20, Themed First Day of Spring  ….. check the website for details.