What’s Next

16020501 KHere is whats coming up over the next few weeks….
“Romance” starts next week, we will be Closed on Family Day and the Spring Release of New Stamp Images will appear at Scrapfest Kitchener & Creative Festival Toronto

Then we have a whole lot more planned for the rest of the year … Come and join us at Frog’s Whiskers Ink 

Come for a Visit & Play for a Lifetime!!

Winter Card Contest

16012903 F
The winner of this Months Card Contest
for January is ….. “Nobody”
It looks like everyone buttoned the hatches, put away the ink and stayed clear of the craftroom because we did not receive any entries.  
So maybe “Winter Wind” is not everyone’s idea of a great time, so then lets get ready for Romance
Our next Card Contest is for February …. “Romance Card Contest” (Click Here) for details and we will watch for your Cards.

Congratulations Mary of Norwood

Happy New Year.Each month we send out the Frog’s Whiskers Ink Newsletter with a roundup of the months activities and “What’s Next” happenings here in the store….and each month we give out a $10.00 instore/onlne credit for the first person who spots the goof within the Newsletter.
The rules are simple… you have to be the first person to contact us with the goof before anyone else does. We have to confirm that what you have spotted is indeed a goof and we go from there. I’m a terrible speller and my fingers glide over the keyboard with the grace of a dancing Mastodon in a Tulip garden…. (try to get that image out of your head)
However…. Congratulations go to Mary of Norwood who spotted the mistake in the Christmas Newsletter that even I had a hard time finding. Even after she pointed it out, I still had to enlarge the screen to confirm that yes indeed… I had added an extra period in a spot where it didn’t belong.
The “goof” award is purely for fun and a good way for me to say…”Hey!! I made that stupid mistake on purpose, for the goof award” Keep watching the Newsletters and Frog’s Whiskers Ink

Christmas Card Winner

Card084and the envelope goes to….
Janina of Harrowsmith, ON
Of all the entries received, I took it down to the best 5 cards and from there it was easy to select the winner….
I just asked Rose-Marie to pick.
from Janinas note  she wrote… “Find enclosed my creation for this year’s Christmas Card Contest. It was a hard decision as I did many variations and used a lot of your stamps to make the many cards this year but what I used for this one…
E604 – Pine Cone
E605 – Evergreen Bough
C994 – Christmas Cheer
K529 – Snowed in ….
Hope you like it!
Congratulations to Janina winner of the Christmas 2015 Card Contest. She has a $20.00 instore/online credit to her account. Watch for the next Card Contest and send us your creation.

Fall Time is Cardmaking Time

151114.1 FThe Class List is posted and Classes are off and running…….
Coming up next Wednesday…. Christmas 9
This Class got created all by accident …..  We will be making 3 each of 3 different Christmas cards for a total of 9 cards. These are fast and easy and a great way to get a bunch done at one time.

Coming up next Friday ….
“On the Road to – “Crop a While” in Ottawa
Rose-Marie will be in Ottawa at the
“Crop a While” store teaching for two days, 4 classes in all.
Please contact “Crop a While” directly for Class signup and details  T: 613-424-6831 or E: info@cropawhile.ca

For these and other great Classes check the website (Click Here) or call and we can go from there.

Scrapfest Update

150919.2 FJust a quick note to remind everyone that there will be no Tuesday Class  Sept 22…. We are packing to go to Scrapfest 

and also take note …. no Tuesday Class Sept 29…. We are unpacking from Scrapfest

And speaking of Scrapfest ( the place to be Sept 25 & 26) …. Since most of the store will be with us at the show, we are closing the Store that Saturday Sept 26 while we are away. If you need anything, stock up now before it is packed away.
In other News…. The New Images are ready to ship and all the pre-orders have gone out  We will be bringing the New Images with us to Scrapfest so watch for us there at Booth 120.

New Images – Pre-Order Now !!

150908.2 F

Rose-Marie just finished drawing the newest round of images. Get ready for the Fall, enjoy Christmas and a dash of Spring with this wonderful group of designs & sayings.

Our new stamps are Snowflakes and Trees, the Backwoods with a little Christmas Magic in between.
It’s all here Online (Click Here)  or at the Corner in Campbellford at Frog’s Whiskers Ink

In other News……

Are you ready for the fall edition of Scrapfest, Friday, September 25th & Saturday, September 26th, at Richmond Green Sports Centre 1300 Elgin Mills Road, Richmond Hill.For Details (Click Here)

Our Fall Open House is coming up soon.. Saturday October 24. Rose-Marie has great plans for that day that you will enjoy. Mark this date on your “to do” list

Autumn Treats – take a look at this selection of stamps perfect for the fall Cardmaking season. Images you don’t want to overlook….   (Click Here)