Scrap & Stamp this month is Great

SSA1509Check out the current issue of Scrap & Stamp (Sept 2015)  for the article by Cathy Allen (pg 28) for a real treat.

Cathy has presented a marvelous card using many different stamps, dies and supplies…. some of which are from Frog’s Whiskers Ink.

Check it out for her card and many others.

To view the Stamps & Dies used by Cathy (Click Here)

To view these and other Dies from FWI… (Click Here)

If you have the Time…. We have the Class

150617.1 FWe had a phone call the other day from a customer who is coming through town and could we set up a Class for her……
Of course we can”, we replied and so to everyone else, we wanted to let you know that…. there is
Room for More !

Friday’s Class starts at 1pm – Patchwork Doodles – What a great way to relax and colour. Oh! You also get to make lovely cards that you will not want to give away.

Saturday Class starts at 10am – Anemones – It’s Spring, it’s Flowers and it’s time to enjoy the colouring we can do when we pull out the paper to play…..

this Special Weekend Class is ….. “All About Colouring !!” and there are places around the table for you.
Give us a call 705-653-4335 / 800-246-1142 /

Guy Cards …..

150612.FHow not to ,,,,,
       Say it with Flowers !!
Guy Cards can present their own challenges….. How do you make a pretty Card where the “guy” doesn’t go…  “Oh flowers“….
So we have put together a few stamps that can be used on their own or collectively to make that Great Card for “him”
 Take a look at this Collection and give us a call …. (Click Here)

MayDay PlayDay going Strong

150529 Picture 233

Everyone likes having FUN and what better way to do it than by PLAYING… wait there is a better way… by having CAKE.

Rose-Marie has combined everything together for the opening of the MayDay PlayDay Classes.

Each participant got to select a piece of this Delicious Craft Cake made using a Die-Cut Piece Template, on white cardstock , topped with yellow ribbon and bows….. When each participant opened their piece of cake, inside were a lot of “goodies” ….. all sorts of stamp and craft “stuff”

The BEST way to start the morning is with a piece of CAKE.
Cheers to the  MayDay PlayDay group !!!

150529 Picture 238

Hooray for MOM !!

Card070If Mom is the Greatest, then this card is pretty close to being the same with this wonderful Mother’s Day Card winning entry sent in by Christine from Cambridge. ON.

Actually Christine handed us this Card at Scrapfest Kitchener along with her Father’s Day Card Entry (We won’t go there).

The Iris Stamp H19016 was used very effectively by stamping on a white cardstock die-cut frame, mounted on Spring Iris paper with a little ribbon and bow to match. A fine example of a mixture of mediums layered down to perfection

Congratulations once again Christine and you have won a $ 20.00 credit on account to be used instore, online or at a show.

Our next Card Contest is due June 20th ….
“Father’s Day II Card Contest” …..   (Click Here for Details)

Announcing the “Easter Card Winner”

150423.1 FWISomeone pointed out to me the error of my ways….. Cathy pointed it out, then Donna mentioned it, Betty asked what happened, Teresa was curious, and lets just say my wife –
Rose-Marie rolled her eyes in the air and suggested that  I “fix” it.

In my defense I obviously did not intake sufficient chocolate to realize the Easter Bunny had made it’s way through town or I could say I was so dazzled with the prospect of the upcoming festivities for Father’s Day (I was curious as to why there were only a few entries) that I selected that card winner a little early. Never fear…. if they can do a Star Wars V movie, then we can do a Furthers Day II Card Contest.

That being said….. the winner of the Easter Card Contest, handed in on time, selected late but in earnest (apparently that is the Kerr Scottish motto “Late but in Earnest)  goes to Teresa of Campbellford, Ontario. Her Card was picked from several entries, uses the Calla Lillies (stamp G 190) powerfully set on it’s own among the Ferns (stamp G19009 Large Fern)  layers in and topped off with the word saying “May the Love” (stamp 13002)

Put together pleasantly, balanced well and showing the less is best…. congratulations Teresa on this excellent card, you have a $ 20.00 credit to your account for instore, online or the next show.

The next card contest is “Mother’s Day Card Contest” (Details Click Here) and then we are happy to announce “Father’s Day II Card Contest” (Details Click Here” late but in earnest !!

Father’s Day Card Contest Winner

Card067Congratulations go out to Christine of Cambridge, ON with her winning entry for our Father’s Day Card Contest….a card that scanning did not really do it justice.

Christine handed us this Card at Scrapfest Kitchener with great hopes and she did well. She did her artwork on glossy card stock, which makes it shine in the light and in turn creates a morning mist over the entire cove. Alive are the spring breezes and the sounds of the loon making her way through the water. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and this card captures them all.

Congratulations once again Christine and you have won a $ 20.00 credit on account to be used instore, online or at a show.

Our next Card Contest is due May 20th …. “Mother’s Day Card”  (Click Here for Details)