It’s beginning to look like…….

Winter & Snow…..  doesn’t look all bad…. think of it as building materials, or ammunition. Relax for a cool crispy day when the snow goes “crunch” under you feet, or when a light powder of snow appears on the tree branches. Okay so maybe your car gets stuck… but that’s not the point………… alright lets face it…. all that winter wonderland white fluffy stuff…..  looks better on a Card.  Card163.jpg

For snowflakes, & snowmen, winter landscapes and more …. we have a wide variety of winter images for your Cards.

Old or new…. it would be difficult to  pick a favourite image from the line up or in
Rose-Marie’s 30 NEW IMAGES 




Would it be…

M1186 “Three Pines” with trees to the sky,
H1185 “Little Country Church” nestled along a quiet country road,
H1190 “Snow Friends” somebody had one too many flakes….. or
L1200 “Christmas in the City” sit and enjoy a day in the Park….

Lets put winter where it looks the best…. on Cards made by You!!!
Frog’s Whiskers Ink


“Cat” Days of Summer

18082601-FThe “Dog” Days of Summer, occur at the end of July when the “dog star” Sirius rises and falls with the sun. And it’s usually really hot outside. But more importantly the “Cat” Days of Summer. … It’s the period of summer when cats are at their laziest. This month — which results in lots of catnaps….and, yes, you’re right, that could be anytime of the year……

For years our black cat Midnight was a solo act…. then along came Dusk & Dawn and a glaring of other barn cats to the back porch. It seems Rose-Marie (who is allergic to cats) has a little soft spot and has been feeding them. 

Research she said….. and thus came the stamp set P968 Nine Lives of Midnight”  This is a set of nine different silhouettes of Midnight that will fit in and around any Card.  Consider this stamp set on your next visit…..

For these and other great stamps go to Frog’s Whiskers Ink in Campbellford and online (Click Here)

Card Contest Winner

Card159.jpgOld Stuff Winner

Congratulations go to Christine of Belleville our “Old Stuff” Contest Winner.  Christine has won many times in the past and her Cards just keep getting better. 

She said she found an old picture with the old clay pots, old watering can and the old spade garden shovel. She even used an old pair of scissors to trim the edges with the scraps, no doubt, she dumped those scraps into the old wastebasket.  So this is an “Old Stuff” Card

Then she said she “framed it” using the stamp M11036 Lily Frame….. but she enlarged the frame part by cutting out the lines section of the frame and making the frame appear longer…. as all good stampers know, “You don’t always use every stamp the way it was designed”
Once again Congratulations Christine…… lets see what you have for us next!

Send us your card creation for our monthly card contests. The winner gets a $20.00 store/show/online credit. Not every fancy card wins, not every dazzling card wins…. the Card that wins is the one that feels right for the occasion. Please note that your Card…. must incorporate one or more of Frog’s Whiskers Ink or Rosewood stamps or products in the design of the card.

In our next Card Challenge ….. ……, lets take a look at “ICE CREAM” because  National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is June 7th   However, we probably don’t need any additional incentive to eat Chocolate Ice Cream. With the arrival of warm, summer weather, cooling off with a little (or a lot) of chocolate ice cream is a natural. …. So let’s enjoy it…. , Please note… your Card must express the essence of the Card Contest theme

Looking Forward to seeing Your Cards


Summer Play Day

and come to the store for a Summer Play Day. 
All day Saturday June 2….  

Two 2 hr Classes are set for 10:00 am and 1:00 pm 
The Morning Class will be devoted to teaching “Mosaic Cards” 
The afternoon class will consist of 5 Quick Cards and cover a 
variety of methods

As always Q&A will cause tangents in the class….. but that also makes it fun 

Cost $50.00 
Contact us for your spot at the table

Guy Cards

Guy cards are often a challenge in card making.   We’ve added a few feature stamps that make great guy cards and with Father’s Day fast approaching at least one of these is sure to inspire.  Have a look HERE, these are all available in both wood mount stamps and cling mount.  Below is a slightly more detailed card but with a few stamps and some cutting it can be recreated.1804 Cottage Country Card sm


Clearance Stamps

We are no longer manufacturing cubes but we do have a limited supply of remaining cubes deep discounted to clear.  The small cubes are priced at $2 and the large ones are $3.

Clearance #1

These two images are overstocked and also marked on at clearance prices as indicated.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to add these to the our website, so if you would like to order one please email us or if you are placing an order on the website add the stamps you want to the comments section and we’ll get them shipped off.

Open House Draw Winners

WinnerThank you to everyone for attending our
Spring Open House.
Everyone who came out got first pick at the stamps & supplies we are taking with us to the shows….  The weather  was…. Yuky  and it made it a challenge getting around.  We had rain, snow, sleet…. more rain and don’t forget the wind. This mixed storm system happened last year for our Spring Open House….. at least we are consistent.
Congratulations go out to our Draw Winners…..
Rae of Brighton, Gail from Hastings and Wendy from Foxboro.
And at the Checkout the discounts really add up….
Top 3 Discounts  went to…..
1) Wendy of FoxboroPam from CampbellfordGina from Carrying Place each getting 20% OFF everything they purchased.
2) Bobbye of Campbellford, Cindy of Campbellford,  both getting 19% OFF all their goodies
3) Louise of Colbourne who drew  3 cards getting 17% OFF all her purchases.
Congratulations to all our Winners and to Everyone who came out…… Thank You
Now we pack up and get ready for Scrapfest Kitchener 
I just heard on the radio… the weather for tomorrow +16….. then rain and after that we get more snow. Welcome to CANADA.